Introduction to The Sanctuary and the 2300 Days Index
  • No apology can be needed for the presentation of this subject. Those who have any interest in the past Advent movement, cannot be otherwise than deeply interested in the questions of our disappointment. To examine this question with candor and fairness, and to set forth the reasons why our expectations were not realized, is the object of this work. (JNA 3)
  • Several points presented in these pages may, however, need to be briefly noticed. On pages 30 and 31, we quoted from the Advent Herald a denial of the connection between the 70 weeks and 2300 days by S. Bliss. But justice to Elder Himes demands that we here state that in a recent number of the Herald he has acknowledged their connection. Referring to the first lecture which he heard Mr. Miller deliver, he remarks: (JNA 3)