Christ in His Sanctuary: Introduction Index
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  • I. The Sanctuary Truth
    • An Introduction
      • Writing of what must be accomplished by the emerging Seventh-day Adventist Church before the Lord shall come, Ellen G. White in 1883 said:
        • "The minds of believers were to be directed to the heavenly sanctuary, where Christ had entered to make atonement for His people." (1SM 67)
      • In a crisis on 1906. in which certain of the basic teachings of Seventh-day Adventist were thrreatened, Mrs. White wrote:
        • "The correct understanding of the ministration in the heavenly sanctuary is the foundation of our faith." (Ev 221)
    • The End of the 2300 Days
      • Among the prophecies forming the foundation of the advent awakening of the 1830's and the early 1840's was the prophecy of Daniel 8:14 "Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed." Ellen White, who passed through the experience, explains concerning the application of this prophey: (CHS 3)
        • ┬áIn common with the rest of the Christian world, Adventists then held that the earth, or some portion of it, was the sanctuary. They understood that the cleansing of the sanctuary was the purification of the earth by the fires of the last great day, and that this would take place at the second advent. Hence the conclusion that Christ would return to the earth in 1844. (GC 409)