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"And the children of Israel shall pitch their tents, every man by his own camp, and every man by his own standard, throughout their hosts."
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" . . . by his own standard . . . "

  • From the verb "to look," "to behold," "to lift up a banner."
  • The noun therefore suggests something conspicuous, distinguished, or exalted. It may be applied to any sign or mark, such as a prophet sign (Exodus 3:12), a miracle (Joshua 24:17), or to the heavenly bodies as signs (Genesis 1:14; Jeremiah 10:2). Some suggest that the word "company" would give better sense here than "standard" (Numbers 2:3; Numbers 2:10; Numbers 2:18; Numbers 2:25). (1BC 827)
  • The Jews have a tradition that Reuben's standard had the figure of a man, that of Judah a lion, the standard of Ephraim an ox, and that of Dan the figure of an eagle. (1BC 827)
  • In all their journeyings they observed perfect order. Every tribe bore a standard, with the sign of their father's house on it, and every tribe was commanded to pitch by their own standard. And when they traveled the different tribes marched in order, every tribe under their own standard. When they rested from their journeyings, the tabernacle was erected, and then the different tribes pitched their tents in order, in just such a position as God commanded, around the tabernacle, at a distance from it. (SR 157)