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"Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains"
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"...flee into the mountains."

  • As the Hebrew people through the centuries had done at times of foreign invasion (Judges 6:2; 1 Samuel 13:6; Hebrews 11:38). Josephus says (War vi. 9. 3 [420]) more than one million people perished during and after the siege of the city and 97,000 more were taken captive. However, during a temporary respite, when the Romans unexpectedly raised their siege of Jerusalem, all the Christians fled, and it is said that not one of them lost his life. Their place of retreat was Pella, a city in the foothills east of the Jordan River, about 17 miles south of the Lake of Galilee.
  • According to Josephus, Titus, commander of the Roman armies, confessed that neither his armies no his siege engines cold have been successful in breaching the walls of Jerusalem unless God Himself had so willed it. The stubborn defense of the city so infuriated the Roman soldiers, that when they finally entered, their desire for revenge knew no bounds. (5BC 499)