Jeremiah 22:13 Index
"Woe unto him that buildeth his house by unrighteousness, and his chambers by wrong; that useth his neighbour's service without wages, and giveth him not for his work;"
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"Woe unto hin . . . "

The wrath of the prophet was aroused, and he was inspired to pronounce judgment upon the faithless ruler. (PK 429)

" . . . him that buildeth . . . "

  • A reference to Jehoiakim himself (Jeremiah 22:1). Jehoiakim evidently showed disregard for the economic condition of his subjects, who were already experiencing the hardships of foreign invasion and the burdens of heavy tribute (Kings 23:35). (4BC 436)
  • This Scripture pictures the work of those who manufacture and who sell intoxicating liquor. Their business means robbery. For the money they receive no useful equivalent is returned. Every dollar they add to their gains has brought a curse to the spender.
    • Every year millions upon millions of gallons of intoxicating liquors are consumed. Millions upon millions of dollars are spent in buying wretchedness, poverty, disease, degradation, lust, crime, and death. For the sake of gain, the liquor dealer deals out to his victims that which corrupts and destroys mind and body. He entails on the drunkard's family poverty and wretchedness. (Te 28)

" . . . his chambers . . . "

  • Literally, "roof chambers." (4BC 436)

" . . . service without wages . . . "

  • Jehoiakim evidently imposed forced labor on some of his unfortunate subjects. Instead of being free, the people were virtually salves, receiving their food but no wages. (4BC 436)