Revelation 14:9 Index
"And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,"
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"...the third angel..." (Revelation 14:6 and Revelation 14:8)

"...followed..." (Revelation 14:8)

"...saying with a loud voice..." (Revelation 14:7 and Revelation 14:8)

"...If any man..."

  • Or, "he who." (7BC 831)

"...worship..." (Revelation 14:7)

"...the beast..."

  • That is, the beast described in Revelation 13:1-10. The second beast solicits the worship of men for the first beast (Revelation 13:12). It should be noted that this warning will have ultimate force only after the healing of the deadly wound (Revelation 13:3), and the formation of the image to the beast (Revelation 14:14), when the mark of the beast becomes an issue (Revelation 14:16). As preached today, the third angel's message is a warning concerning issues to come, a warning that will enlighten men as to the issues involved in the developing struggle and enable them to make an intelligent choice. (7BC 831)

"...and his image..." (Revelation 13:14)

  • The conjunction "and" identifies the worship of the beast with those of the image. A further conjunction identifies these worshipers with those who receive the mark. The beast and the image are united in their aims and policies and in their demand that men receive the mark of the beast. Hence, one who worships the beast also worships the image and is a bearer of the mark. (7BC 831)

"and receive his mark..." (Revelation 13:16)