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"And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind."
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" . . . the stars of heaven fell unto the earth . . . "

  • The Falling of the Stars - November 12, 1833:
    • "John's prophecy of the falling stars in Revelation 6:13 received a striking and impressive fulfillment. This display in New England is one of the most extensive and wonderful exhibitions of falling stars ever to be recorded; 'the whole firmament, over all the United States, being taken for hours, in fiery commotion! No celestial phenomenon has ever occurred in this country, since its first settlement, which was viewed with such intense admiration by one class in the community, or with so much dread and alarm by another.' 'Its sublimity and awful beauty still linger in many minds. . . . Never did rain fall much thicker than the meteors fell toward the earth; east, west, north, and south, it was the same. In a word, the whole heavens seemed in motion.'" (R.M. Devens, American Progress or The Great Events of the Greatest Century, Chapter 28, paragraphs 1-5). (KC 104-105)
    • "No language, indeed, can come up to the splendor of that magnificent display; . . . no one who did not witness it can form an adequate conception of its glory. It seemed as if the whole starry heavens had congregated at one point near the zenith, and were simultaneously shooting forth, with the velocity of lightning, to every part of the horizon; and yet they were not ex hosted - thousands swiftly followed in the tracks of thousands, as if created for the occasion." (F. Reed, in The Christian Advocate and Journal, December 13, 1833). (KC 105)