Daniel 11:45 Index
"And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, none shall help him."
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"...come to his end."

  • Compare similar predictions in the parallel prophecies of Daniel 2:34, Daniel 2:35, Daniel 2:44, Daniel 2:45; Daniel 7:11, Daniel 7:26; Daniel 8:19, Daniel 8:25; Daniel 9:27 and elsewhere in Scripture, Isaiah 14:6; 47:11-15; Jeremiah 50:32; I Thessalonians 5:3; Revelation 18:6, Revelation 18:7, Revelation 18:8, Revelation 18:19, Revelation 18:21. (4BC 877)
  • We have now traced the prophecy of Daniel 11 step by step to this last verse. As we see the divine predictions meeting their fulfillment in history, our faith is strengthened in the final accomplishment of God's prophetic word. (US 299)
  • The prophecy of Daniel 11:45 centers in that power known as the king of the north. It is the power that shall hold the territory possessed originally by the king of the north. (US 299)
  • It is predicted of the king of the north that "He shall come to his end, and none shall help him." Just how and when and where his end will come, we may watch with solemn interest, knowing that the hand of Providence guides the destiny of nations. (US 299)
  • Time will soon determine this matter. When this event takes place, what follows? - events of the most momentous interest to all the inhabitants of this world, as the next chapter immediately shows. (US 299)