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"Yea, they that feed of the portion of his meat shall destroy him, and his army shall overflow: and many shall fall down slain."
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"...they that feed of the portion of his meat shall destroy him..."

  • From the days of the early Caesars, palace intrigue marks the rise and fall of the emperors of Rome. In later years, particularly, when one army officer after another succeeded to the throne of the Caesars, often each at the price of the head of his predecessor, the prediction that royal favorites would rise and "destroy" those who had befriended them and that "many" would "fall down slain" as a result, met a singularly apt fulfillment. In the ancient Orient those who ate food provided by another person were expected to remain loyal to him. (4BC 871)
  • Antony was deserted by his allies and friends, those that fed "of the portion of his meat." (US 263)

"...his army shall overflow..."

  • [Continuing the historical narrative of Daniel 11:24] this verse describes the fate of Antony [and many other would be rulers of Rome]. When Cleopatra, frightened by the din of battle, withdrew from Actium, taking with her the 60 ships supplied by the Egyptian navy, Antony followed her and thereby conceded the victory [and the throne] to Augustus. Antony's supporters went over to Augustus. Finally Antony committed suicide. [This was the first of many signs of] the unstable political situation that plagued the [Roman] empire between the reigns of Nero and Diocletian.... (4BC 871)
  • Cleopatra as already described suddenly withdrew from the battle, taking sixty ships of the line with her. The land army, disgusted with the infatuation of Antony, went over to Augustus, who received the soldiers with open arms. When Antony arrived at Libya, he found that the forces which he had left there under Scarpus to guard the frontier, had declared for Augustus, and in Egypt his forces surrendered. In rage and despair, Antony then took his own life. (US 263)