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"I beheld, and the same horn made war with the saints, and prevailed against them;"
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"...the same horn..."

  • HORNS: "Horns" is frequently used to symbolize divisions, or nations, that develop out of a great parent kingdom. Thus the ten horns appearing on the fourth beast of Daniel 7 (compare the paralleling beasts of Revelation 13 and Revelation 17) are expressly stated to be ten kingdoms; or divisions, that would arise out of the territory of the fourth world kingdom. (Froom 33)

"...made war with the saints..."

  • This little horn represented a persecuting power, carrying on a campaign of extermination against the people of God. (Daniel 7:25). (4BC 830)
  • The amazing wrath of this little horn against the saints particularly attracted the attention of Daniel. (Daniel 2:41). (US 117)
  • Daniel beheld this power making war upon the saints. Has such a war been waged by the papacy? Millions of martyrs answer, Yes. Witness the cruel persecutions of the Waldenses, the Albigenses, and Protestants in general, by the papal power. (US 117)

"...and prevailed against them;"

  • For many long centuries the saints seemed to be helpless against this destructive force. (Daniel 7:25). (4BC 830)