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"A fiery stream issued and came forth from before Him; thousand thousands ministered unto Him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before Him: the judgment was set, and the books were opened."
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"...thousand thousands ministered unto Him..."

  • These represent the heavenly angels who wait before the Lord and are ever attendant on His will. The angels perform an important part in the judgment. They function as both "ministers and witnesses" (GC 479). (4BC 828)

"...the judgment was set..."

  • Or "...began to sit." Daniel is shown the final judgment in both its phases, investigative and executive.... In the investigative judgment the records of all who have at one time or another professed allegiance to Christ will be examined. The investigative is not conducted for the the information of God or of Christ, but for the information of the universe at large -- that God may be vindicated in accepting some and rejecting others. Satan claims all men a his lawful subjects. Those for whom Jesus pleads in judgment, Satan accuses before God; but Jesus defends their penitence and faith. As a result of the judgment a register of those who will be citizens of the future kingdom of Christ will have been made up. The register includes the names of men and women from every nation, kindred, tongue, and people. John speaks of the ransomed in the new earth as "the nations" of the saved (Revelation 21:24). (4BC 828-829)
  • A sublimer description of a more awe inspiring scene is not to be found in the world of God. ...The grand and lofty imagery alone should arrest our attention; the nature of the scene itself demands most serious consideration. The judgment is here brought to view. Whenever the judgment is mentioned, it ought to take an irresistible hold upon every mind, for all have a deep concern in its eternal issues. (US 111)
  • The closing up of the ministration of Christ, our great High Priest, in the heavenly sanctuary, is the work of judgment her introduced. It is an investigative judgment. The books are opened, and the cases of all come up for examination before that great tribunal, that it may be decided beforehand who are to receive eternal life when the Lord shall come to confer it upon His people. It will appear from the testimony of Daniel 8:14 that this solemn work is even now going on in the sanctuary above. (US 113)

"...the books were opened..." (Revelation 20:12)

  • The following classification appears in GC 480-481:
    • 1) The book of life: wherein are recorded the names of all those who have accepted the service of God.
    • 2) The book of remembrance: a record of the good deeds of the saints.
    • 3) A record of the sins of men.
  • In the record of a vision of the executive phase of the judgment at the end of the 1000 years the following classification appears in EW 52:
    • 1) The book of life: containing a record of the good deeds of the saints.
    • 2) the book of death: containing the record of the evil deeds of the unrepentant.
    • 3) the statute book: the Bible according to whose standard men are judged.
  • (4BC 829)