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"Then these men assembled, and found Daniel praying and making supplication before his God."
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"...found Daniel praying..."

  • The plotters did not have to wait long.... Decree or no decree, Daniel believed he should continue his regular prayer habits. God was to him the source of all his wisdom and success in life. The favor of Heaven was dearer to him than life itself. His conduct was the natural result of his trust in God. (4BC 812)
  • After the trap was set, it only remained for these men to watch their victim that they might ensnare him. So they again came together, this time at the residence of Daniel, as though some important business called them suddenly to consult the chief of presidents; and lo, they found him, just as they intended and hoped, praying to his God. So far their scheme worked well. They were not long in going to the king with the matter. (US 101)