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"And over these three presidents; of whom Daniel was first: that the princes might give accounts unto them, and the king should have no damage."
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"...of whom Daniel was first..."

  • The aged prophet soon distinguished himself by conscientious service. (4BC 810)
  • Over these princes were set three presidents, and of these Daniel was chief. Daniel was doubtless advanced to this high position because of the excellent spirit and fidelity manifest in his work. (US 98)

"...and the king should have no damage."

  • The reason for the elaborate organization of civil service in Persia is here pictured.... precautions taken by the imperial system to guard against loss of revenue and other damages.... (4BC 810)
  • The very position which Daniel occupied put him to the severest test. As chairman or chief of the presidents over the princes, Daniel was obliged to deal with all the under-rulers of the empire. One by one they were required to render an account to him. This was that they might might receive no damage. The king, then, was in danger; not in danger of losing his life, but these officials were scheming politicians who were robbing the government in every possible way. If they had taxes to gather, they turned a large per cent, to their own account. There was bribery, cheating, wire pulling, and buying of positions in the Babylonian government, as there is in the world to-day. Dishonesty was found everywhere. (SNH 91)