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"Then commanded Belshazzar, and they clothed Daniel with scarlet, and put a chain of gold about his neck, and made a proclamation concerning him, that he should be the third ruler in the kingdom."
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"Then commanded Belshazzar..."

  • The king fulfilled the promise he had made to Daniel, although Daniel clearly indicated that he was not interested in the proffered honors. Because of Belshazzar's drunken condition it may not have been possible to deter him from his course. (4BC 805)
  • Notwithstanding this terrible denunciation, Belshazzar did not forget his promise, but invested Daniel at once with the scarlet robe and chain of gold, and proclaimed him third ruler in the kingdom.... (US 95)
  • As the prophet ceased speaking, the king commanded that he be awarded the promised honors . . . (PK 530)