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"Let his heart be changed from man's, and let a beast's heart be given unto him; and let seven times pass over him."
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"Let his heart be changed . . . "

  • The transition from the figure of the tree to the actual object symbolized by the tree has now clearly been made. The term "heart" here seems to indicate nature. The king would take on the nature of a beast. (4BC 790)

" . . . let seven times pass over him . . . "

  • Means seven years. (4BC 790)
  • "Let seven times pass over him" (Daniel 4:16), was the decree. This simple expression is evidently to be understood literally. But how long a period is denoted by the words "seven times"? This may be determined by ascertaining how long Nebuchadnezzar, in fulfillment of this prediction, was driven out to have his dwelling with the beasts of the field. This, Josephus informs us, was seven years. A "time," here, then denotes one year.... What an interest the holy ones, or angels, take in human affairs! They see, as mortals never can, how unseemly a thing is pride in the human heart. As ministers of God they cheerfully execute His decrees for the correction of evil. Man must know that he is not the architect of his own fortune, for there is One who ruleth in the kingdom of men whom his dependence should be humbly placed. A man may be a successful monarch, but he should not pride himself upon that; for unless the Lord had permitted him to rule, he would never have reached this position of honor. (US 82)