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"Wherefore at that time certain Chaldeans came near, and accused the Jews."
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"...certain Chaldeans..."

  • Obviously members of the caste of magician-scientists and astrologer-astronomers, rather than members of the Chaldean nation... The accusers were members of the same caste to which the three loyal Jews belonged. (4BC 783)
  • But God decreed otherwise. Not all had bowed the knee to the idolatrous symbol of human power. In the midst of the worshipping multitude there were three men who were firmly resolved not thus to dishonor the God of heaven. Their God was King of kings and Lord of lords; they would bow to none other.... To Nebuchadnezzar, flushed with triumph, was brought the word that among his subjects there were some who dared disobey his mandate. Certain of the wise men, jealous of the honors that had been bestowed upon the faithful companions of Daniel, now reported to the king their flagrant violation of his wishes. (PK 506-507)