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"Then Daniel went in, and desired of the king that he would give him time, and that he would shew the king the interpretation."
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"...Daniel... desired of the king that he would give him time..."

  • One of the things that infuriated the king was that the wise men were seeking to postpone their answer. Obviously the king was still troubled over the dream, and may have been happy over the new prospect of finding a solution to the mystery that was harassing his spirit. Since Daniel had not been consulted previously, the king may have thought it only fair to give him an opportunity. In his previous contact with this young Judean captive, Nebuchadnezzar had evidently been favorably impressed with Daniel's sincerity and ability. Daniel's previous faithfulness in lesser things now opened the door to greater things. (4BC 769)
  • Daniel gained his request of the king for time to consider the matter -- a privilege which probably none of the magicians could have obtained, as the king had already accused them of preparing false and corrupt words, and of seeking to gain time for this very purpose. (US 33)
  • ...Daniel alone had the courage to venture into the presence of the king, at the peril of his life, to (ask) that he might be granted time to show the dream and the interpretation. The request was granted. (SNH 35)

"...that he would shew the king the interpretation."

  • Daniel's request differed from that of the Chaldeans. The wise men demanded that the king relate to them the dream. Daniel simply requested time, and assured the king that the interpretation wold be provided. (4BC 769)
  • Daniel in Babylon was placed in a most trying position; but while faithfully performing his duties as a statesman, he steadfastly refused to engage in any work that would militate against God. This course provoked discussion, and thus the Lord brought the faith of Daniel to the attention of the king of Babylon. God had light for Nebuchadnezzar, and through Daniel were presented to the king things foretold in the prophecies concerning Babylon and other kingdoms. By the interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar's dream, Jehovah was exalted as more powerful than earthly rulers. Thus, through the faithfulness of Daniel, God was honored. In like manner the Lord desires that our publishing houses shall witness for Him. (7T 161)
  • Daniel came before the king, and pleaded for time to bring this matter before the supreme court of the universe, from whose decision there could be no appeal. When his request was granted, Daniel laid the whole matter before his companions, who were united with him in worshiping the true God. The matter was fully considered, and on their bended knees they pleaded that God would give them the power and wisdom that would alone avail them in their great necessity. They asked God that he would so arrange matters that they need not perish with the rest of the wise men of Babylon. (The Youth's Instructor article "Words to the Young" November 22, 1894)