Prophecy Seminar Introduction Index
  • Welcome! You have chosen to teach a "Revelation Seminar." These TEACHERS NOTES will help you to make the lessons an exciting and rewarding Bible prophecy adventure. They are easy to follow and will help a beginner look like a professional.
  • The "Revelation Seminar" lessons have been written by Bill May, author of the popular and effective "Amazing Facts Information Folders." They are composed in crystal clear, logical language. He combines a simple, stimulating style with spiritual scholarship and years of successful soul winning.
  • It is strongly recommended that you study the booklet "Step By Step Guidelines" on how to conduct a "Revelation Seminar" before you attempt to announce, and teach one. This instruction has been structured form many successful sol winning seminars and should be carefully followed.
  • Develop your teaching technique to emphasize only the major points of each section. Do not spend too much time on any one question. Move very quickly over the supporting texts. Class presentation and discussion should flow smoothly.