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General Introduction to Daniel Series
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  1. Welcome to the Prophecy Seminar!
    1. You have been selected to teach the Prophecy Seminar with special emphasis on the book of Daniel.
    2. An exciting adventure awaits you as you lad people to the full message of truth through this special study of the prophecies of the Bible.
    3. Whether you are a lay person or a pastor, you will find this series of 31 lessons to be an exciting adventure in Bible study.
    4. If you have previously led a Revelation Seminar, you will find that many of the same instructions will apply to this seminar as to the Revelation Seminar.
  2. While the Revelation Seminar centers in the book of Revelation, the Prophecy Seminar centers in the book of Daniel.
    1. It will be a chapter-by-chapter study of the book of Daniel.
    2. However, in order to clarify many of Daniel's prophecies it will be necessary to also study many chapters in the book of Revelation as well.
    3. Since it is impossible to understand Daniel without Revelation, you will need to explain to your students that both books will be studied in detail during the Prophecy Seminar.
    4. That is why we have chosen the tile "Prophecy Seminar" rather than "Daniel Seminar."
    5. While the structure of the Seminar is built around the book of Daniel, many of the lessons will also center in the book of Revelation.
  3. We have chosen the chapter-by-chapter approach rather than the topical approach to the book of Daniel.
    1. The book of Daniel lends itself nicely to a systematic presentation of the full message.
    2. Every major truth as taught by the Seventh-day Adventist Church has its roots in the book of Daniel.
    3. It is the books of Daniel and Revelation that will give this Church its final grand impetus as it finishes the work of God.
    4. This will be an exciting adventure not only for your students, but also for you as you delve deeper into these tremendous books of the Bible.
  4. There are 31 lessons in the series.
    1. since the order of subjects follows the sequence of the book of Daniel itself, you will find you will get the best results from the seminar when you follow the prescribed order of subjects.
    2. This seminar should take nine weeks to complete if the seminar meets three times each week.
    3. It is recommended that the seminar meet on alternate nights, such as Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; Or Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.
    4. It is best not to meet on consecutive nights, since the student will need time to prepare his lesson before the seminar.
  5. The lessons of this seminar are designed for the student first to do at home so that the can bring his completed lesson to the seminar, where the teacher will discuss the lesson.
    1. The lessons are also designed to include a Sabbath Seminar that will start the week after the Sabbath is presented, during which the teacher will inform the students that n additional lesson will be taught each week on Saturday morning at 9:30 am, or whenever Sabbath School is held.
    2. The lesson taught for the Sabbath Seminar would be the next in the regular sequences of lessons.
    3. In other words, rather than using additional lessons for Sabbath Seminar, the teacher will use the regular lessons in their normal sequence.
    4. Thus after the Sabbath is presented the Seminar will meet four times a week.
    5. This arrangement will enable you to finish the Seminar in around nine weeks.
  6. Since the first lesson in the Prophecy Seminar is an introductory lesson, it has been designed so that it can be taught the first night of the meeting.
    1. It is a short lesson without many tests to look up so that actual study of prophecy occurs the very first night of the series.
    2. Thus the first night the people will be be given lessons 1 and 2 and instructed to take Lesson 2 home and prepare it for the next time the seminar meets.
  7. The basic theme of the book of Daniel is the Great Controversy between Christ and Satan.
    1. Make sure that you build this concept through every lesson in the book of Daniel.
    2. You will discover that this basic theme has been interwoven throughout this seminar.
    3. The Prophecy Seminar emphasizes two areas of conflict in Daniel:
      1. worship
      2. and obedience to the law of God.
    4. In the last-day events these two areas unite together to create conflict for the people of God over how they worship God, as the beast attempts to get people to worship contrary to the commandments of God.
  8. Critical to your success in conducting this Prophecy Seminar will be your ability to clearly enunciate this basic there found in the book of Daniel. Remember that yours is a tremendous opportunity and privilege as you seek to lead men and women into a full knowledge of God's saving message for these last days. It is absolutely essential for your success as you conduct this seminar to spend much time in prayer, asking God to guide you as you prepare your lesson, to guide the students as they prepare their lessons, then to guide the discussion as you teach the lesson.
  9. May God bless you as you seek to reach others with God's saving message through this fascinating adventure in the study of prophecy as found in the book of Daniel.